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Why Malaysia?

Business Opportunity

Malaysia has business friendly environment and well-skilled and talented workforce. Malaysia has become an attractive business destinations and/or for setting up regional bases among the ASEAN countries due to its government stability, peaceful environment and wide resources. We have large pool of young, talented, educated and trainable workforce either graduates from foreign universities or our local Malaysia’s universities in the field of engineering and accountancy allowing them to adapt easily to challenging corporate environment. Bahasa Malaysia, English and Mandarin are widely used in Malaysia and thus this will facilitates the investor’s communication with local personnel and suppliers.


The weather is pleasant, warm with moderate rain throughout the year and it is suitable for many single or family oriented activities such as cycling, jungle trails, mountain hiking and water sports. We have many good golf courses, beaches and many more for you to explore.


Malaysia is a shopping paradise with many products such as local ethnic handicrafts, and also many quality goods which are locally made or imported with well known brand products at relatively low in price. You could either choose to shop in the comforts and convenience of air-conditioned shopping malls and hypermarkets for fixed price products or join in the excitement of haggling over prices at night markets which is an interesting feature of local life. Local and tourists love our annual seasonal mega sales in shopping malls where you can shop till you dropped at fantastic discounted price.

Healthcare Facilities

Malaysia is ranked in the top five destinations for health tourism and has the world-class medical facilities that attract many neighbouring countries to come to seek medical treatment with reasonable fees. The healthcare such as medical and dental services offered in Malaysia are on par with those fully developed nations with costs considerably less than similar ones in neighbouring countries and a mere fraction of the prices in the West.

Medical services are available at both public and private hospitals and its healthcare offers many specialities in various medical disciplines. Our healthcare personnel are highly qualified and have their training either locally or from overseas medical schools. Malaysia provides good hospitality and service in our medical healthcare to give you a comfortable stay whilst receiving treatment here.

Best Education

Malaysia has good quality and cost effective educational systems – both public and private institutions and this made Malaysia one of the most preferred higher education destinations today. The quality education starts from nursery right up to the highest university education. We have international schools in all major towns with English as the medium of instruction.

Malaysia has also attracted world-class-universities into setting up branch campuses here that offered internationally recognised degrees in collaboration with universities abroad. These universities offer undergraduate and post-graduate degree programmes that are identical to their main campuses overseas in Malaysia. The private colleges and universities in Malaysia also offering twinning programs with other well-know universities throughout the world. Malaysia is slowly turning into an educational hub of excellence for the region especially with its excellent infrastructure and low cost of living among the ASEAN countries.

The Malaysia government is committed to its vision of turning the country into a high quality education destinations for students from all over the world. The country’s Ministry of Higher Education monitors all institutions to ensure they adhere to the highest standards to ensure quality education.

Food and Cuisine

Malaysia food is known of its delicious array of various cultural, geographical and religious influence. The country’s multiracial mix of Malay, Chinese, Indian and others, have produced an unique, exciting and exotic mouthwatering local cuisine.

We have plenty of local hawker foods such as nasi lemak, chicken rice, satay, assam laksa and many more. The international cuisine are as good as their country of origin and easily available at good rate. The food here are so diverse, so delicious, so authentic and that makes you want more after each indulgence. Our aromatic local white coffee and tropical local fruits are unique and in great demand but most importantly they are available all year long.

Cultural Attraction

In Malaysia, we have Malay, Chinese, Indian and other ethnic groups living together in harmony for many generations. The Malay culture is dominant in the country because the Malays are the dominant race in Malaysia however other cultures can be practiced freely. Each race has their own cultures and traditions and over the time, they have influenced each other, creating a truly unique Malaysian culture. Bahasa Malaysia is our official national language but other languages such as English, Mandarin, Tamil and local dialects are widely spoken by different ethnic groups.

Great Places To Visit

We believe you will love Malaysia and will enjoy visiting the places that are full with nature and adventure.

Transportation & Telecommunication

The Peninsular Malaysia is connected with well maintained highways that link to major cities and this provide a good system of transportation by road. Our country also provide efficient transportation by rail, air and sea. The public transport are comfortable, fast, effective and affordable which make travelling in the country pleasant.

Malaysia has many companies that offer good speedy broadband services to individual and corporate clients at good rates which will help you to stay connected with the world or your business whilst you are staying here.