The MM2H Programme

Malaysia My 2nd Home or MM2H is a 10-year-long stay programme offered by the Ministry of Tourism and Immigration Department to foreigners who wish to experience living in this multi-cultural country and make it their home away from home. Applications are open to any foreigner aged 21 and above.

Education in Malaysia

As a former British colony, most of the laws and policies here are derived from the British system, including the education ecosystem. English is one of the primary mediums of instruction alongside the national language, Bahasa Malaysia. This strong base has seen many prestigious institutions worldwide, setting up branch campuses in the country to offer internationally recognised programmes.

Healthcare in Malaysia

The country is ranked among the top five destinations worldwide for medical or healthcare tourism. Its medical facilities and professionals are on par with some of the best in the world. This cutting edge technology and international expertise means patients enjoy excellent healthcare at highly competitive costs.

Incorporated in 2007

Cosmo MM2HOfficial Registered Agent

Cosmo (MM2H) Sdn. Bhd. (company no. 763074-X) was incorporated in 2007. The company is an official registered agent for MM2H programme appointed by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia (license no. KPK/LN: MM2H0189).


We know Malaysia has great appeal as a home away from home, and through our 12 years of experience in this industry, we’re well placed to help foreigners like yourselves get settled in in the most efficient and cost-effective way.


Transportation & Telecommunication

With excellent infrastructure in both, it is easy to get around the country and stay connected wherever you are.

Great Education

Numerous top-notch public and private institutions are available, offering high quality education on par with the Western world.

Great Places to Visit

Whether you’re seeking to reconnect with nature or dive into adrenaline pumping adventure, there is much to see and experience in this beautiful land.


With frequent seasonal sales and sprawling shopping malls offering everything under one roof, get ready to shop till you drop!


From mouth-watering street food to exquisite fine dining and everything in between, the local culinary scene is sure to whet your appetite.

Cultural Diversity

The Malays, Chinese and Indians are the main ethnic groups here, all living together in peaceful harmony for generations.

Business Opportunities

With a stable government, no natural disasters, rich resources and vast global links, it is a great place to invest or do business.

Healthcare Facilities

One of the top five destinations for medical tourism, Malaysia has a wealth of world-class facilities staffed by professionals who are leaders in their fields.


A stable warm climate with moderate rain throughout the year means you’ll be enjoying lots of time outdoors with fun activities.

Why MM2H?

Not only do you get to experience life in a wonderful country, you can still retain your citizenship and all the privileges you hold in your home country. You can come and go as you wish, with no restrictions on stay periods or travel frequency.

Why Cosmo MM2H?

Our professional consultancy services and experienced staff will help you deal with all the applications and regulatory processes, so you can enjoy a smooth transition to your second home and all the pleasures that come with it.




After working hard to build a successful career your entire life, it’s time to take things a bit slow and enjoy your post-retirement years where the weather is great, the food is plentiful and the people are friendly. Malaysia’s diverse landscapes cater to all notions of ‘home’ – be it city life with all modern comforts, or a laid back adventure on islands and beaches. Wherever in the country you choose to settle, you will be warmly welcomed by locals.


Long Term Stay

Need a change of scenery, perhaps to recharge your batteries or escape the frigid winter seasons back home? The MM2H programme is ideal as it has no stay limits, allowing you to come and go as you wish. Whether you stay six weeks, eight months or ten years, it’s entirely up to you!

Want to discover the charms of Asia? You’re free to explore all corners of Malaysia. What’s more, you can even use the country as a base from which to visit neighboring nations and sample the unique cultures this side of the world has to offer.



Want to give your children great education at an affordable cost? Malaysia’s excellent education ecosystem with international-standard schools, colleges and universities allow your kids to get a head start in life over their peers. With tuition fees comparatively lower than those in the West, it will be less of a financial burden. And with many of the institutions being branch campuses or have ties with reputable names, your children will graduate with the same internationally-recognized qualifications.


Business and Investments

Malaysia’s growing economy and bustling commercial environment affords you many opportunities to invest, or set up a private limited company to conduct business in a variety of sectors permitted by the government. The country’s thriving property market also attracts many foreign purchasers and investors – thanks to a real estate-friendly tax environment and no restriction on repatriation of profits.

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Applications are open to any foreigner aged 21 and above regardless of gender, religion, nationality, and culture to apply.

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