You’ll enjoy various incentives under the MM2H programme to make your stay more comfortable, pleasant and enjoyable:

  • 10-year renewable Multiple Entry Visa that allows you to enter and exit Malaysia anytime, whilst retaining the citizenship and privileges of your home country
  • You can live anywhere in the country, with no minimum stay period
  • You can bring along your spouse
  • You can also bring your children aged 21 or below and enroll them in schools here
  • No limit on the number of properties you can purchase (subject to minimum pricing)
  • Bring in one personal car, or purchase a locally-assembled model tax-free
  • Eligibility for property and car loans from Malaysian banks
  • You are free to invest in or own businesses in Malaysia
  • Tax exemptions on all your offshore income
  • You can open savings, current or fixed deposit accounts with any bank
  • You can bring along one domestic helper from your country, or hire one locally
  • Other personal items including pets, can also be brought into the country tax-free
  • You can apply for travel visas to other countries from the respective consulates here


The MM2H programme is open to citizens of all countries recognised by Malaysia regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender or age. Applicants are expected to be financially capable of supporting themselves throughout their time in the country, and will need to provide documentary proof based on age:

Monthly Income > MYR 10,000 > MYR 10,000
Bank Liquid Assets > MYR 500,000 > MYR 350,000
Background No Criminal Record
Waiting Approval 3 – 6 months
Conditional Approved 6 month grace period to arrange land in Malaysia
Required Fixed Deposit MYR 300,000 MYR 150,000
Withdrawal after 1 year MYR 150,000 MYR 50,000


Letter of application
Copy of your current resume
Letter from relevant government departments from your home country certifying that you are receiving pension from the government or salary from a company with proof of job position, duration of employment and monthly income of at least RM10,000 or its equivalent
1 copy of full passport/travel document confirming personal particulars of the applicant and each dependent (spouse/children below 21 and not married/parents aged 60 and above)
Original Letter of Good Conduct from –
(i) the police/government authority from your home country or
(ii) the Embassy of your home country based in Malaysia with reference to the respective police/government authority
Certified copy of your Birth Certificate and other legal documents
Certified copy(s) of your latest 3 months’ bank statement showing the monthly income of at least RM10,000 per month or its equivalent into your accounts
Certified copy(s) of your latest 3 months’ bank statement showing each month’s credit balance of – (i) not less than RM350,000 per month or its equivalent if you are aged 50 and above, or (ii) not less than RM500,000 per month or its equivalent if you are aged 50 and below
Consent letter authorising the MM2H Centre to independently verify your financial documents with the relevant financial institutions
4 copies of passport sized photographs for each person in your family
Certified copy of your Marriage Certificate
MM2H application form
Social Visit Pass form
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