Peninsular Malaysia is well connected with a vast network of well-maintained highways linking all major cities with smaller towns, ensuring that every corner is reachable by road. A major rail network also links most of the peninsula’s western coast, with another connecting areas on the east coast currently in the works.

Within individual cities, public transportation options are comfortable, efficient and affordable. Whilst Kuala Lumpur is the only one with a major LRT/MRT network, Penang is set to follow suit in the coming years. Public buses and taxis are the other main means of getting around, with ride sharing services also popular in recent years.

Need to travel far? The country’s international airports offer connections to almost every corner of the globe, whilst seaports are frequented by major cruise lines.

Malaysia also has many telecommunications companies that offer reliable and speedy broadband internet services for both individual and corporate use at competitive rates, allowing you to stay connected with the world from any part of the country.

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