Brand Story

Cosmo MM2H was borne from our desire to help foreigners settle into life in Malaysia in the smoothest and most efficient way possible. We are blessed to call this beautiful, abundant and welcoming country home, and would like to share its charms and wonders with all those seeking a haven out here in the tropics.

Incorporated in 2007, we are now a leading official registered agent for the Malaysia My 2nd Home (MM2H) programme as appointed by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia (license no. KPK/LN: MM2H0189).

With over a decade of experience helping many foreigners transition to life in Malaysia, we are well-equipped to provide consultancy and services for everything and anything related to MM2H – be it the application process, compiling documentation, legal requirements or advising you about the lifestyle in this country. We are also able to provide legal and management services for our MM2H clients in areas of property purchases, education for children, investments as well as banking. And all of that at a very reasonable cost!

Vision and Mission

As a leading, officially registered MM2H agent, we endeavor to provide hassle-free, one-stop and highly professional consultancy and services for those seeking to make Malaysia their second home.

Core Values

Integrity and Accountability

We strive to provide clients with the best advice and help to navigate all the regulatory processes involved with making Malaysia your 2nd home.

Honesty and Trust

We ensure that every detail is made clear so clients can make informed decisions about their move to Malaysia. There will never be last minute surprises or hidden charges.

Passion and Innovation

We are highly passionate about sharing the joys of living in Malaysia with foreigners, and constantly seek ways to help make your transition the smoothest and most efficient possible.

Constant Improvement

As regulatory processes change from time to time, we endeavor to keep ourselves abreast of the latest developments to ensure clients encounter no unforeseen hiccups.

Long-lasting Commitment

The move to Malaysia is just the first chapter of your journey. After you are here, we’re always on hand to provide you with sound advice on various topics related to daily life – such as where to send your children to school or how to set up a business.
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