Moving to a foreign country can be stressful experience with all the paperwork, logistics and tiny details involved. At Cosmo MM2H, we pride ourselves on providing one-stop, efficient and professional consultancy and services that allow you to settle into your adopted home, as quickly and easily as possible.

We have you covered on all legal and regulatory aspects, from application procedures to preparing and vetting required documentation prior to submission to the relevant authorities. We will help you follow up and keep you appraised once Conditional Approval is obtained.

When the day comes and you’ve arrived in sunny Malaysia, we’ll arrange for transportation and suitable accommodations. We’ll also get you started on life’s many neccessities – from opening a bank account to applying for health insurance policies and arranging for medical check-ups.

We’ll also accompany you to the local Immigration Departments to collect your entry passes and visas after payment of required fees.

In addition, we also offer various additional services such as helping you find a property for rental or purchase, and applying for a bank loan if its the latter. We’ll also help smoothen the process should you desire to acquire the services of a housemaid, apply for tax exemption to bring in your car or purchasing a locally imported one, or get student passes for your children to study in the country.

Should you be interested in investing financially or setting up a business locally, our team can also help you with advice and assistance. These services are non-exhaustive, and should you have any other needs or queries, we’ll gladly be of assistance.

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